The SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle, has been a hot seller for more than two decades now. The automotive market is loaded with many versions of this modern station wagon like car/truck. This love affair began with the 1950s Chevrolet Suburban and perhaps even earlier with the Jeeps of WWII and later the Jeep Wagoneer.

Today buyers are still seeking out the utility and function, but also are concerned about fuel economy. To satisfy these needs, manufacturers offer a great selection of sporty 4 cylinder SUVs. The following are some of the best 4 cylinder SUVs available.

Honda is known for its reliability and innovative products. Two 4 cylinder SUVs are available in the Honda line. Both are small and functional. The CR-V offers multiple trim levels and has quick handling matched with a smooth ride quality. The CR-V has been awarded accolades for its crash worthiness.

Honda Element

Another 4 cylinder engine SUV from Honda is the Element. Once considered a bit quirky in its styling, the Element has been accepted as a solid choice in form and function. It appeals to the buyer with its stand out boxy look and large cargo space and it is powered by a 166-hp, 2.4-Liter, 16-Valve DOHC 4-Cylinder Engine.

Nissan Rogue

Nissan has been a contender in the SUV marketplace for some time and its latest offerings include the Nissan Rogue. The Rogue is in the fourth year of production, and is a smaller brother to the slick Nissan Murano. All Rogue models have a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine pumping out 170hp. The Rogue is known for style and features like traction control, side curtain air-bags, and anti-lock brakes with a panic assist feature to keep the Rogue stable in an emergency.

The Hyundai Tucson is a great value in the 4 cylinder SUV class at an MSRP of just over $18,000. The superior handling and great looking interior are two more reasons that this model is a great choice. The Tucson features sport tuned suspension, with assisted power steering that gives it an overall sports coupe like feel. This SUV does need more room to be rated higher, but if price is a major consideration it is well worth a test drive.

Kia Sportage

Next up is the 4 cylinder Kia Sportage. Priced much like its main competitor the Hyundai Tucson, it is recently redesigned and not only looks better, it drives better. This SUV offers a base 2.4 4 cylinder engine, but it is available with a 2.0 turbo 4.The turbo bumps the horsepower of the Sportage from 176 to 256, a major boost. Like the Hyundai though this suffers from smaller storage space, making it a bit less efficient as a carry all.

The Jeep line offers two 4 cylinder SUVs; the Patriot and Compass. The Compass is at the lowest end of the price range for Jeep. Both the Patriot and Compass are built on the same chassis, and start off with power from a 2.4ltr 4 cylinder engine. The Jeep name has always been associated with rugged durable vehicles, and the expectations for these two are high. Entry level Compass is priced very much like the Hyundai Tuscon and Kia Sportage so the competition should prove to be strong.

There are some great choices among the 4 cylinder SUV line, offering both economical and functional fun.

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